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Al has found a magic violin that he will use to play a concert at his town's picnic. But what happens when the violin opens up a new world? Read this story to find out.

But first, enter the fictional space challenge*:

1. Somewhere in the galaxy carefully eat popcorn without chipping your teeth! If feeding a mascot, be sure there are no allergies or additives (consult a vet for further questions at your own expense).

2. Read It's My Birthday, Vacation, Al, and Chicken Coup somewhere in the galaxy. Vote for your favorite space story.

Click below to vote for It's My Birthday!.

puppyIt's My Birthday!

Click below to vote for Vacation.


Click below to vote for Al.


Click below to vote for Chicken Coup.

chicken coupChicken Coup

And now repeat after me, "I like to read in space while I tell space jokes!"

3. Draw Chef Ducky Kazoo. If you can't draw ask an e.t.* or a teammate for help. Place the drawing somewhere in the galaxy (e.g. on a space station, on a satellite such as a moon, or an asteroid etc.) Once completed, clap a dozen times and then once more for a Baker's Dozen. Then whistle. And then share the contents of your lunch box with the galaxy!

4. Draw a heart or the spaceship from Al. Date and timestamp it. You may place your initials or autograph on it if you wish. I shall automatically blink over my invisible autograph once the drawing has been completed. Place the drawing next to the drawing of Chef Ducky Kazoo.

The first one or team to complete these tasks is the Galaxy's Space Reader Leader or Space Leader Reader or Space Readers' Leaders' Team or Space Leaders' Readers' Team!

Congratulations on your space endeavor! Have fun, stay safe and along your journey share a chuckle or two!

*For entertainment purposes only. This is a ficional space challenge. Must be 18 years of age or older and release the inventor of all liability. 

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