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When you land on this site, the following information is collected about your visit and surfing: the IP (Internet protocol) address your device is using to connect to this site; mobile device identification numbers, device serial numbers, country locales; pages visited, bandwidth used; the timestamp of your visit including the date and time of your visit (month, year, hour, day of week, visit duration); file type, downloads and the browser software including available browser support such as plug-ins (software used to extend the functionality of your browser including ability to play audio or video or to run scripts) and operating system used for your visit. Information about the connecting site (such as a search engine or other site's url which redirected you to this site, direct address, bookmark, link in email, the origin of the connect to site) and search keyphrases is also collected. Data about referring site, search term, web pages visited, referral/exit page, content viewed, downloads, duration of visit, frequency of visits and date/timestamp of visits along with other information might be collected and stored.

This site does not knowingly collect or gather personal information from any individuals under the age of thirteen.
This site does not request, prompt, or encourage any individual under the age of thirteen to submit personal information online.
This site does not enable any individual under the age of thirteen to post personal information publicly available in identifiable form.
This site does not knowingly do passive tracking of any individuals under the age of thirteen online.

"Cookies" generate information about what pages users visit on these sites. Information about whether the visit is a unique visit is also collected. Your browsers might offer private browsing settings or your surfing device software might enable you to delete or disable cookies.

This site includes embedded links to external third-party pages located on sites maintained by external third-parties. When you click on external third-party sites and access that external site, you are subject to the privacy policy of that external third-party site which might use multi-session cookies.

Third parties including advertisers may serve content and advertisements, collect information directly from visitors, use web beacons and place or recognize cookies on visitors' browsers or use other similar technologies subject to their policies. This site is not responsible for the content or policies of any third parties including service providers or advertisers.

This site does not have access to the information that third parties including advertisers, advertising agencies and ad networks might collect about you, your household, your or other user's interests to deliver tailored advertisements to you or to infer if you share interests with other users to deliver tailored advertising based on those inferences.

You might be able to reset the identifiers on your device in the device settings or to limit the use of identifiers for ad targeting on your devices.

Any statistics gathered by this site's operator (contact information for questions or concerns: spp (_at_), please replace the (_at_) with the @ sign when contacting operator) might be used to furnish more site content. For example, visits to site pages might be used to provide more content. HTTP status codes collected might be used to correct page errors.

Rev. 02/14/2020

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Although the original characters and designs of the content creator are intended to be inclusive for all ages, the entertainment and the services provided on this website are not intended for children under eighteen years of age. Content on this site is not directed towards children thirteen and younger nor does this site seek to collect any information about anyone under the age of eighteen. Any links to the author's children's books are solely for perusal by the parents, legal guardians or fans eighteen and over. Parental or legal guardian involvement and consent to visit this website must be obtained prior to visiting this site. Only a parent or guardian who can enter into a legally binding acceptance of the privacy policy, conditions of use and terms of service may grant permission to visit this website with parental involvement.

This site does not knowingly collect information from anyone not legally qualified to enter into a legal contract including children of any age. While future laws are unknown, this website is designed to be in compliance with reasonable contemporary lawful regulations and laws current as of the date of publication. This website seeks to be in compliance with such acts as the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

You must be 18 years of age or older to enter this website or have obtained permission from your parent or legal guardian and have the supervision of a parent or legal guardian while visiting this site. By surfing this website you certify that you are at least 18 years of age and have accepted the privacy policy, conditions of use and terms of service and are standing or sitting comfortably somewhere in the galaxy or cyberspace, but not distracted nor operating equipment. For example, you are not reading this, walking and chewing gum at the same time nor are you reading this and simultaneously working on a life-saving artificial intelligence program. Enter at your own risk!

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Simple Privacy Policy

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